Image: “Exiting with an exit sign” performed by Calvin Laing

Hmmm yesss…that ́s it…stating the obvious, repetitively and humiliating the definition of leaving. Of course using the sign, signalling within the action, repetitively. Repetition is connected with memorisation, this performance OVERhypes the act of leaving, with the use of the exit sign. Visualising the power of leaving and leaving again. An exit sign in a space is a messages to the people that use the space; Here you can exit. The performance is conceived from looking at the images of the space that Polly sent me. Bricks, desks, blue doors, concrete, hallways, clock and chairs. It ́s a people space. Everything inside the space is used, the chair, the table, everything is somewhat an extension of a person. The person enters and goes from one space to another, a sort of extension of a space within the space.

Performed at a two day event at Pictairn Hall London curated by Polly Wright.