I lost faith 

performance 2015

The Night of the lost Artwork

27. November



I stand there in the hallway holding the letters T R Ú note this is in Icelandic. The guests come walking down the stairs and see me, they are quiet as you would be before a performance starts. They examen the way I stand, how I am looking at them, their eyes look over the letters. They become restless some of them go back up and never see the full performance. I stand there for about 3 – 4 minutes and then the T falls down. They grasp for air,,,,,,whoops it´s ruined..they think. But I still stand there holding the R & Ú. Part of the letter Ú the ´ falls down too. They start laughing. I still stand there with the  ´  less U and the R. Then the U falls down. The letters crack on the ceramic floor like statues falling down. And then the R falls down. I have lost my faith and I walk away.