Nonside Nonsense

Performance & sculpture / Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein / The grass is always greener on the other side

COOOOD. In order to exist I live within a structure in a modern society, the evolution shows humans organising themselves into distinct grouping based on their birthplace. I am depended on the sea, Nooo, that´s a lie. I was born 1982 and I have never been depended on the sea for food. I was depended on the supermarkets. But the sea is all around the island and Iceland has a rich history of fishing and fish industry. Through centuries people have been depended on the SEA to provide them with food and work so they can exist. WOW…… Yes are you from Iceland? yes I am. Wow that is amazing! But hey remember this is ours not yours! This belongs to my land, my family, my nation, not yours! The friction between my inner patriotism and national identity comes from my social comforting and the story about the fish.

Fish illustration by Jón Baldur Hlíðberg Fauna.is

Photographs by Kata Inga